The centerpiece of our LA store since the doors opened in 2015, the Haroshi Middle Finger has always stood as a symbol of “fuck you”. A “fuck you” to oppressors, to injustice, to violence, to racism, to authority, to inequality, and to anyone or anything working to divide or abuse our community.


A beautiful disaster left the sculpture without its infamous finger, transforming its silhouette into that of a raised fist – a symbol of unity and justice – more relevant and powerful now than ever.

Too strong a symbol to ignore, we decided to release the HUF x Haroshi Justice Tee to immortalize the fist motif alongside a short PSA. Together we raised over $100,000 in tee sales with 100% of proceeds being donated to @blmlosangeles to continue the fight for the change our community needs and deserves.

In addition to the HUF x Haroshi Tee, we auctioned off a 1 of 1 HUF x Haroshi Middle Finger skate deck customized, signed, and dated by Haroshi himself.

Using the original HUF x Haroshi Middle Finger deck as the base, Haroshi covered the finger with a matte black paint to mirror the raised fist motif that the original sculpture now bares. Originally on display alongside the actual sculpture at the HUF LA store grand opening in 2015, the gloss version of the skate deck was never made available to the public. The bidding ended at $25,100 with 100% of those proceeds also being donated to @blmlosangeles.

Thank you to @haroshi and everyone who purchased a tee or contributed to the cause in one way or another.