Since 2003 artist and friend Haroshi has been turning trash into treasure. Using discarded skate decks as the foundation of his pieces, Haroshi's turned his passion for skateboarding, punk rock, and art into an entirely new discipline and homage to his roots. This Saturday Haroshi's craft and vision were honored with a solo exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in SoHo, New York City.

Dive Into the Pit is a collection of entirely new works, including sculptures and "action paintings," where the scratches, slashes, and scuffs on old decks bring a unique energy to his pieces that call back to the rush of jumping into a mosh pit. A mix of collage found art, and sculpture, Haroshi's new exhibit works with scale and features several new "Guzo" sculptures.

"GUZO are god-like figures that express a profound respect for the self-sacrificing spirit of skateboards themselves that have supported endeavors of skateboarders.”  — Haroshi

Haroshi: Dive In To the Pit | Jeffrey Deitch
September 10-October 29, 2022
79 Grand Street, New York

Photos by Naz Kawakami