After all the trips, sessions, sweat, and stress, it was time to celebrate our first full-length video by Tyler Smolinski with an outdoor banger in LA. The lines were deep well before doors at LA State Historic Park, as everyone waited for the squad to pull up and set off the festivities.

Blankets were spread, drinks were flowing, and charcuterie was shared as Blondie Beach provided the soundtrack and the countdown began. HUF friends and family gathered to share some thoughts and heartfelt dedications honouring Keith Hufnagel and everyone who made “Forever” happen before the worldwide premier popped off and then it was on. 40+ minutes of cheers, heavy enders, and a whole lot of, “Wait, what?” It was a classic send-off to years of work and good vibes for all.

Check the recap and don’t stress if you missed a screening, HUF “Forever” is going online soon at Thrasher.

Cheers & beers.